At Oak Tree Learning Center time is invested in building factual knowledge, essential skills and independence for abilities and applications that children need to as they matriculate into elementary and beyond. Our mission is to encourage children to learn through experience-based curriculum, but adults are also given the opportunity to learn. 

Our Commitments

-We commit to providing affordable, reliable, quality care that is rich in learning.

-We commit to partnering with parents to ensure each child reaches his or her potential.

-We commit to building strong foundations of social skills, emotional resilience, critical thinking and practical skills and knowledge.

-We commit to preparing all children for highest placement possible upon entering elementary school.

-We commit to helping parents learn ways to support their children as they grow and develop.

-We commit to building a community that encourages learning for children, parents and teachers.

Meet our Team

Mrs. C

Executive Director 


Mrs. C has a bachelor's degree in English, minor in Education and a Master's degree in Curriculum and Instructional Leadership.  Mrs. C spent 20 years in PreK through college classrooms.   She also spent 10 years creating and collaborating to build academic programs for all academic areas including Math, Spanish, English, Science and Social Sciences.   She has used these tools to design Oak Tree's unique, research based curriculum. 

" My goal is for kids to leave really curious about the world, if they're curious that will help them develop and grow in all aspects."

Mrs. Melissa


With well over ten years of experience, Mrs. Melissa has earned a teaching permit. She contributes a deep knowledge of licensing requirements and a deep commitment to giving children and parents and exceptional exprience at Oak Tree. Her favorite thing about teaching is that she loves the kids, she loves their expressions when they learn something new, and she loves helping them through challenges.

"My goal is to make the kids feel safe, know that I'm here and I want them to learn and become something of themselves.. It's not where you start, it's where you finish."

Ms. Katie

Assistant Director of

Enrollment and School Age Programming


Ms. Katie has a bachelor's degree in Education and minor in business. She has over seven years of experience teaching.  She orchestrates many experience for our students including our annual Truck or Treat Event.  Her favorite thing about teaching is taking the kids ideas and and making them a reality. Ms. Katie said, "I like seeing the kids grow, change, and improve."


"My goal is to help the kids become more independent, knowing they can do things for themselves and helping them have the confidence to do it." 

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