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Our Purpose, 
Our Passion

We provide meaningful instruction to children, teachers, administrators for the benefit of families and communities. We that well-run centers have a better chance of providing quality care and better learning outcomes for children


Our Professional Development for teachers directly improves learning outcomes for children, supports parents and communities

Our Operational Support decreases opportunities for children and families to 'fall between that cracks' while decreasing teacher and admin burnout



Our HR Support decreases administrative burdens to find, train and evaluate teachers


Tired?  Let us help!

We help schools who are struggling:

-low reviews form parents

-low quality ratings

-high turnover


We help owners and director learn skills to run better schools, which become better businesses!

We're powered by a dynamic curriculum:


Take a look- available on Amazon

Professional Services

contact us for dates & registration

Pathway to Transformation

Support for Organizations

Live sessions provide interactive coaching to help you learn how to optimize our tools and strategies.  

Full Program Evaluation

We help businesses, schools and coaches elevate their programs.  Building these systems can be daunting, but a Program Evaluation and Transformation can lead to a business that runs smoothly and grows at a manageable pace.

Our services cover:



*best practices and systems overhaul

*growth planning


Program Support

Our support program offers customized Action Planning and coaching to help organizations become grow.

Program Management

Managment of programs frees leaders to focus on other aspects of your organization as we operate and manage professional development, operations and trainings.

Prices vary; contact for scheduling and pricing

Session Topics:

I. Values and Missions Statement Workshop 

II. Building the Best Team


Upcoming Sessions

Online Business Conference Instagram Pos

Update Your Marketing for the Enrollment You Want

This interactive, live session leads participants in self-evaluation on programs and effectiveness of programs.  During the session, you will discover easy tips to make steps toward increased enrollment.

Registration $35, free for members of CQEL

12-1 PM, Tuesday, April 6, 2021 

Leave Worksheets Behind!

This hour long live webinar focuses on building Skills, Knowledge, Social and Emotional Growth without the use of worksheets.  At the end of this session, participants will have tools to use in conventional classrooms or in home school settings.  

$35 Registration fee

12-1 PM PST, Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Session Topics

I.  Action Plannning: Aligning Values, Mission and Evaluations

II. Create a Curriculum that Produces Skills and Knowledge

III.  Creating a Healthy Ecosytem of Teaching, Learning and Assessment

About Mrs.C


Facilitator, Jennifer Carter began her career in education as a Peace Corp Volunteer in Western Kenya.  With few resources, she learned to adapt American teaching to fit the needs of Kenyan students. 


Since those early days, she has adapted and created curriculum for schools and businesses in a variety of sectors. Using best practices for learning, she has shown school and business leaders methods to leverage learning strategies which have grown organizations. 

Her book, Meaningful Assessment-ready Experiences for PreK Children, or MAE for PreK, shows teachers how to find assessment and meaning in everyday preschool activities.  And her podcast, Mrs. C's Podcast for Parents, Teachers and Administrators can be heard on Spotify and Google Podcast.  She owns and operates Oak Tree View Park/Windsor Hills in Los Angeles and Oak Tree Learning Center headquarted in the humble community of San Bernardino, California.  She lives in LA with her husband, two small cats and two gigantic Great Danes.

Media & Engagement


Host of Mrs.C's Podcast for Parents, Teachers and Administrators


Board Member of CQEL


Jennifer Carter featured On the Brink every first Wednesday of the month at 6:50 a.m.


Child care safety during the pandemic 


Child Care Resource Center (CCRC)'s Piloting of MAE for Pre K

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