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Oak Tree Schools develop social skills, foster emotional growth and provide strong academics for school success for all children including those left behind in traditional preschool and elementary school settings.

Core values of our team

Our staff is cleared by the Department of Justice, meets Licensing requirements and they are:

  • Thinkers who are self-starters

  • Flexible and understanding

  • Constantly learning ways to provide effective teaching, curriculum, and assessment

  • Supportive of colleagues, children, families, and our surrounding communities

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Proven Success & Guarantee

Children who attend daily for two years of our program are more likely to enter an advanced kinder program or enter directly into Grade 1.

In class

In practice

In life

Children learn soft skills (SEL) and

hard skills (academic)

Hands-on learning using MAE for Pre K

Monthly events for parents & the community

Enrollment landing pictures forms (2).png
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