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For Children 18- 24 months


Welcome to our wonderful world of little explorers!  At this age, children love to be a part of reading and singing.  They are ready to use social skills. Emotionally, they're starting to understand feelings like frustration, joy, happiness, sadness, and even the occasional bout of grouchiness.


Key Features of our program:


We encourage curiosity as a way to discover the world and as a start to learning.


We develop self-awareness to build relationships to parents, friends, and others who cross their paths.


We allow room for increasing independence needed for things using the toilet, and walking more steadily.ills.


We refine motor skills as they grasp small objects like spoons, baby forks, bottles, and cups.


We chat, sing and read often to increase language development and vocabulary 


We engage listening and critical thinking skills through the use of simple commands. 

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