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An experience-based  approach to learning


Our Mission

Oak Tree Learning Center invests time into building factual knowledge, essential skills and independence.  We understand that learning calls for both and understanding of knowledge but, more importantly, means to use what's learned. 

We address the needs of all types of learners from all types of backgrounds with our highly effective experience-based curriculum. 

Happening Now

April 7, 2022 at 5:30 p.m.

Join our Open House for our NEW Infants and Toddlers Care program! Interested in attending ? Email to RSVP or contact us below.


Our Programs


Acorns & Seedlings

School Readiness Program

for 2- 3-year olds.

This is the stage that children begin understanding concepts of sharing, listening, speaking, physical movement and even potty training! We teach these important social and emotional skills  so that our children learn to work with others, make friends, push through challenges and figure out problems.  

Little Oaks & Big Oaks

School Readiness Program for 4- 5-year olds.

Children who are aged 4 or 5 will participate in Oak Tree’s School Readiness program. Using research-based teaching practices and the standards linked to the Common Core, our program provides a strong foundation of learning as children prepare to enter elementary school.

Infants & Toddlers

Care for for 6- 24-months olds.

Oak Tree's Infant and Toddler programs focus on three area of growth for our youngest children:  Growing healthy social skills for interacting with peers and adults, learning emotional tools that will help with focus, confidence and compassion and, personal care like putting on jackets, holding utensils and potty training.  

Meet our Admin Team


Mrs. C

Executive Director

Now Accepting new applications for our Infants and Toddlers Care!


Care for children 6-24 months

Small class size

Social, Emotional and Hygiene skills

Early mornings and afternoon care

Preschool Preparation

For more information call (323) 815-1093


Full Day

Small Cohorts

Ages 2-5

Kindergarten Readiness Program

For more information call (323) 815-1093