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Mrs.C's consulting services

About Founder & CEO,
Mrs. C

Proven success transforming teachers &  administrators

Expertise in business development and business strategy

20 years of classroom experience

15 years administrative experience

Experienced in school transformation

Tripled in size and revenue in under six year

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Public, Private, Parochial & Charter Schools 

Build a better school The MAE Way 


In The Classroom

DIY Academy for Empowered Student Learning

Project Ideas for 12 months of ECE Learning

Project Ideas for 10 months of K-6 Learning

Monthly Lesson Plan Tool

Weekly Lesson Plan Tool

Learning Assessment Tools

Afterschool and Summer Programs

Professional Development

Digital or In-person Staff Development:

Uncomfortable Truths About Modern


5 Easy Ways to Make Learning an


A Primer on Fostering Appropriate Parent

     and Community Engagement

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Tools To Get Started

 Bring the DIY Academy for Empowered Student Learningto your school

Hands-on, Student-Driven Standard Practice

    ECE Program Tools

    K-6 Program Tools


Training For Trainers and Managers


Participants in Mrs. C's Training for Trainers learn simple, effecive strategies that increase the impact of onboarding and training.

Small and large group sessions | Contact us for more information

Young Businesswomen

See a Different View

Learning and teaching are everywhere and in all things.  Engage Mrs. C for a  new perspective on your organization: 

Envision ways to:

Attract consumers

Build a more creative, collaborative and fulfulling work culture

Increase positive risk taking for employees

Available for Advisory Board Positions

Young Businesswomen

Resources for parents and homeschool

Reliable tools to teach, reinforce learning and assess students' progress.

Meaningful Assessment-ready Experiences (MAE) Book and Workbook

Get children involved in the MAE Way.

Read the research behind teaching with a hands-on approach. Track progress and build lesson plans with Monthly and Weekly Planning Tools.

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12 MAE Projects to Do at Home

How to Build a Raised Garden Lesson Plan

MAE for PreK Book Covers.png
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