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Join Oak Tree Team!

Teachers at Oak Tree Schools connect to children, families and communities while offering a different way of learning through meaningful experiences. 

We'll train you with our highly effective experience-based curriculum.

Our Mission

We provide academic learning build on the foundation of rich social and emotional development for children. Our hands-on learning helps all children and we purposefully close gaps which persist in tradition education settings for Black, Latino, and economically challenged students.  


Our Requirements

We are a Title 22 center, so teachers do not need a permit; we welcome aides with no experience, but lead teachers must have Child Family and the Community, Health and Safety, Infant or Child Growth and Development and one class on curriculum, updated Mandated Reporter training, health records and CPR training. 


Core Values of our Team our teachers and staff: 

  • Thinkers who are self-starters

  • Flexible and understanding

  • Constantly learning ways to provide effective teaching, curriculum, and assessment

  • Supportive of colleagues, children, families and our surrounding communities

We’re Hiring

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