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3-5 year olds


We use the state's UPK standards to get our students to the top of their class beginning at Grade 1. A steppingstone between preschool and kindergarten, transitional kindergarten is often referred to as the first year of a two-year kindergarten experience. 


Parents are able to enroll in our small, private program for children ages 3, 4 and 5, to prepare for local elementary. 


Enter Grade 1 with confidence that children will be at the top of their class!


Note:  ALL public schools must admit children beginning in Grade 1, no matter where they've been previously enrolled.

Key Program Features:

Full day, full year program 

Extended hours (6:30 am to 6 pm) for working caregivers


A curriculum specifically designed to increase achievement


Hands-on academics that help learning, especially for children from diverse backgrounds


Strong emphasis on Science, Math and Language Arts Learning

Learning outcomes which exceed peers in public schools

Focused attention on social skills for good relationships with parents, peers, teachers and other adults.

Research based teaching which leads to great emotional skills for all children. 

How do we do that?

Preparing for Advanced Kindergarten: For our students who've been with us for over 2 years, we focus on advanced kindergarten readiness, ensuring they're well-equipped for the next academic journey.

Interactive, Hands-On Learning: Collaborative, hands-on curriculum; developing sight word literacy for reading skills; increases math literacy for developing math skills like counting, simple adding, counting, and subtracting.

Strong Connections: We foster connections with friends, family, teachers, and the wider community. Building relationships is an essential part of your child's growth, and we prioritize it.

Real-World Application: Learning is about more than books; it's about understanding how knowledge connects to everyday life. We ensure that the concepts your child learns are meaningful and relevant.

Emotions and Self-Control: We guide children to learn self-control and complex emotions such as loneliness and pride; and more critical thinking and analysis.

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