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What's Oak Tree At Home?  Take a look: 

The Foundations
The End Results

Oak Tree At Home extends our Experience Based Learning program to families outside of our center.  Using the curriculum framework Meaningful Assessment-ready Experiences (MAE) for Children as a planning tool, our channel provides positive screen time with creative activities which directly relate to school curriculum.


Oak Tree At Home uses Common Core beginning with Preschool standards all the way up to standards Grade 6. Each series will inspire young learners to create useful projects and learn where to find the tools they need to do it.


Parents may use the videos to identify specific topics to practice and demonstrate as children watch the videos.  Our videos encourage shared experiences that deepen learning and offer quality time with children.

Watch the Garden Project Video
Watch the Research Project Video

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All videos use Meaningful Assessment Ready for Children Curriculum. Copyright. © 2019 Jennifer Carter

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