Acorns & Seedlings

Program for 2-and 3-year olds

Two and three-year old children explore the world with and eager sense of wonder and discovery! They love to play alone, but they love to find new friends who enjoy chasing and playing together.  This is the stage that children begin understanding concepts of sharing, listening, speaking, physical movement and even potty training! We teach these important social and emotional skills  so that our children learn to work with others, make friends, push through challenges and figure out problems.  

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Little Oaks & Big Oaks

Transitional Kindergarten Program for 4-and 5-year olds

Children who are aged 4 or 5 will participate in Oak Tree’s School Readiness program. Using research-based teaching practices and the California’s Standards, our program provides a strong foundation of learning as children prepare to enter local elementary school programs.


Kids develop:

*social skills for building strong confidence

*math concepts and why these concepts make sense

*reading skills and how reading is used in real life

*social studies that set the foundation for further learning

*experiment and observation based Science

*music, art and dance that ties to learning

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San Bernardino

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680 W. 40th St. 

San Bernardino, CA 92407


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View Park-Windsor Hills

p:   (323) 815-1093

4416 W Slauson Ave,

Los Angeles, CA 90043


f:    (323) 815-1032

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