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School Age Year

Care during the School Year
Transportation Services
Parents schedules don't always match school hours, so Oak Tree provides daily transport to schools.  
Elementary School Transport provided to
Bob Holcom                            Hillside                            Parkside                                   Newmark                          Kendall                                     Marshall
Arrowhead                               North Park
Middle School Transport provided to
Shandin Hills                            Golden Valley
Morning Care
We offer care beginning at 6:30 am, Monday through Friday.  In the morning, children are given breakfast that fulfill federal nutritional guidelines.
Midday Care
Some students attend local kindergartens with half-day programs.  We provide a transportation to half-day kindergarten and we have academic programming for the remainder of the day.
Our half-day Kindergarten program provides project-based learning activities that reinforce skills such as reading, fine motor, art, math and writing.  
Our school offers transportation from school and to our center.  Upon arrival, children receive a nutritious snack and full academic enrichment, homework help until parents arrive by 6 PM.
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